General conditions of Sale


Our parts, manufactured in our works.

Offer the best guarantee for the material used and the accurate workmanship, and are scrupulously inspected before shipment.

( shown o.e. items references have only an indicative value, our parts are not original but changeable ).

CONTESTS AND CLAIMS - These are to be submitted within 24 months from receipt of the goods and no part is accepted back unless duly authorised and delivered free our works.

GUARANTEE - Should the customer find in our products defects depending on inaccurate workmanship or low quality material, and provided such defects are acknowledged by us, our liability will be  limited only to the replacement, free of charges, of the material and shall never give the right to any indemnification for damages resulting from breaking of the parts.

PROPERTY -All materials will remanin our property until all payment is received.

COMPETENCE - Any contest shall be submitted to the Turin Forum.